Time for personalized remote Excel training

With many employees working remotely and others not able to work, would you benefit from some personalized assistance to more effectively use Excel?

The abundance of video conferencing tools such as Zoom brings the possibility of having personalized training to everyone. You can Google lots of information on Excel, but if you don’t understand some key concepts you will stumble applying it. Sometimes there is no substitute for being able to ask your questions and get an intelligible answer.

3 Advantages of personalized training

First, you get to go your pace without worrying about having to accommodate others who are at a different level than you.

Second, you get to focus on the things that you really want to learn, not a whole lot of things that you will likely never use or remember.

Third, you can apply what you are learning by using your day-to-day work to provide examples, reaping the benefits right away. Which leads to … 

Cost effective use of resources

One advantage of out-of-office training is that you are away from the distractions of the office and can focus on what you are learning. However, it usually brings with it travel costs. If you are presently unable to work or are working from home and can control your environment, why not take advantage of the opportunity to improve your skills. 

Most of us tend to do things the same way all the time, even when we know that there should be a better way of doing it. Let’s use the current interruption in your life to learn better ways of handling repeated challenges you face. After all, if you can save a half hour each day or even each week, doesn’t that add up to a real saving of effort?

Contact us to evaluate how you might best improve your Excel skills and improve your efficiency

Time is the one things we all have the same amount of. None of us can afford to waste it. Please complete the contact form, explaining what you would like to learn and why, for a free evaluation of ways you can streamline your work and learn to use more of the powerful features contained in Excel.